Latest Live Shows Spring 2016

Sat April 30
Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Dopplereffekt, Awesome Tapes from Africa & more
@ Nowhere Festival

Mon May 2
Oren Ambarchi & Thomas Brinkmann duo
+ Peter Rehberg/Marcus Schmickler duo
Inner Spaces #5
@ Teatro Auditorium San Fedele/ Duomo San Babila a Milan

Tue May 10
Oren Ambarchi and Will Guthrie duo
@ Cafe Oto

Wed May 11
Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Heather Leigh
@ The Glad Cafe

Thu May 12
Oren Ambarchi solo
+ The Jimmy Cake
@ Bello Bar

Fri May 13
Oren Ambarchi & Will Guthrie duo
+ Flamingods & Corridor
@ Wine Nat White Heat festival

Sun May 15
Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Mark Fell solo, Crys Cole solo
@ Cave12


Live Shows | Spring 2016

Sat March 3
Oren Ambarchi & Tetuzi Akiyama duo
+ Nik Kamvissis, Jessika Kenney, Eyvind Kang, Cor Fuhler, Jim Denley & more
@ Tectonics
Adelaide Festival

Sun April 3
Oren Ambarchi / Jim O'Rourke / Joe Talia / Tatsuhisa Yamamoto quartet
+ Darin Grey / Eiko Ishibashi duo
@ SuperDeluxe

Wed April 6
crys cole/Oren Ambarchi duo
+ crys cole/Seijiro Murayama duo
+ DJ Jim O'Rourke
@ SuperDeluxe

Thu April 14
Oren Ambarchi solo
@ The Exploratorium
San Francisco


Live Shows Early 2016

Sat Jan 9
Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi duo
+ Francis Plagne band
@ Eastmint

Fri Jan 15
Fire! with Oren Ambarchi
@ MONA FOMA fest

Sun Jan 17
Oren Ambarchi & Will Guthrie duo
@ MONA FOMA fest

Tue Jan 19
Fire! with Oren Ambarchi & Mariam Wallentin
+ Joe Talia/Mats Gustafsson duo, Wildbirds & Peacedurms
@ Make It Up Club
Bar Open


Live Shows Autumn 2015

Thu Oct 8

Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Biosphere/Deathprod
@ Bozar Electronic Arts Festival

Sat Oct 10

Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Matana Roberts
1094 Budapest, Liliom

Sun Oct 11

Rhys Chatham, Oren Ambarchi, Sam Shalabi trio
+ Stephen O’Malley/Richard Pinhas, Klara Lewis, Aaron Dilloway, Sleeparchive & more
@ Tusk Festival

Mon Oct 12

Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Heather Leigh, Tim Coster
@ The Glad Café

Thu Oct 15

Oren Ambarchi presents ‘Knots’ with Will Guthrie
+ Arnold Dreyblatt, Philip Jeck
@ St Johns Sessions
St John at Hackney Church

Sun Oct 18

Oren Ambarchi + ? duo
@ ______ Festival

Wed Oct 28

Oren Ambarchi presents ‘Knots’ with Will Guthrie
+ Bill Orcutt
@ Kantine Am Berghain

Thu Oct 29

Oren Ambarchi (solo)
@ Jazz Ao Centro

Sun Nov 1

Oren Ambarchi (solo)
+ Klara Lewis, Powell, Heatsick, Tim Hecker, Vessel, Roedelius & more

@ Semibreve Festival

Wed Nov 4

Phew/Jim O’Rourke/Oren Ambarchi trio
@ CCA Live

Tues Nov 10

Jim O’Rourke/Oren Ambarchi/U-Zhaan trio
+ crys cole
@ SuperDeluxe

Wed Nov 11

Keiji Haino/Jim O’Rourke/Oren Ambarchi trio
+ Eiko Ishibashi
@ SuperDeluxe


Live in London | 15th October 2015 St John At Hackney

More information can be found here


Live Shows Summer 2015

Thu June 18
Nazoranai - Keiji Haino, Stephen O'Malley, Oren Ambarchi trio
+ Duran Duran, Die Antwoord, A$AP Rocky, FKA Twigs, Autechre, Arthur Baker, KTL, Mika Vainio, Powell, Lorenzo Senni, Evol, Klara Lewis, Russell Haswell, Lee Gamble, Robin Fox & more
@ Sonar

Tue June 23
Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Keith Fullerton Whitman
+ Eli Keszler
@ Wayward Sounds
3S Artspace
319 Vaughan St.
Portsmouth, NH

Thu June 25
Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Drab Pony
@ The Space Gallery
538 Congress Street,

Sun June 28
Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Little Black Egg Big Band: Yo La Tengo & friends
@ Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer St
New York 11231

Mon June 29
Oren Ambarchi & Crys Cole duo
@ Invite-only event
New York

Sat August 8
Manuel Göttsching presents the music of Ash Ra Tempel with:
Manuel Göttsching, Ariel Pink, Shags Chamberlain and Oren Ambarchi
@ Supersense Festival

Sat August 8
Oren Ambarchi's "Audience of one" featuring Joe Talia
@ Supersense Festival



Live show:

Wed Dec 3
Oren Ambarchi solo
+ Robin Fox
+ Marco Fusinato
@ Everybody Talks About The Weather
Corner Hotel, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia

Oren Ambarchi - guitars and percussion
Thomas Brinkmann - computable drums with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem (Parts 1-5)
Matt Chamberlain - drums & electronics (Parts 3 & 4)
Crys Cole - contact mics & brushes (Part 4)
Eyvind Kang - bowed gender (Part 1) & violas (Part 5)
Jim O' Rourke - synths (Parts 4 & 5)
John Tilbury - piano (Parts 1 & 2)
U-zhaan - tabla (Part 5)
Ilan Volkov & the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra (Parts 1 & 3)
Recorded 2012-2014 in Cologne (Max Ernst Studios), Reykjavik (Harpa), Melbourne, Seattle (Avast! Studios - session co-produced & engineered by Randall Dunn, London, Los Angeles (Cyclops Sound Studio) and Tokyo (Steamroom - engineered by Jim O'Rourke)
Mixed Dec 2013 & March 2014 at Chinatown, Melbourne by Joe Talia and Oren Ambarchi
Mastered at Moose, Melbourne March-April 2014 by Byron Scullin
Vinyl cut by Rashad Becker & D&M, Berlin, June 2014
Photography by Estelle Hanania
Design by Stephen O' Malley

Recorded with a multitude of collaborators in Europe, Japan, Australia and the USA, Quixotism presents the fruit of two years of work in the form of a single, LP-length piece in five parts. Ambarchi’s work in recent years has evinced an increasing fascination with the possibilities of combining abstract sonic textures with rhythm and pulse, whether in his drumming with Keiji Haino, the subtly driving ride cymbals provided by drummer Joe Talia in their work together, or the motorik grooves of Sagittarian Domain (Editions Mego, 2012). Quixotism takes this aspect of Ambarchi’s recent work to the next level: the entirety of this long-form work is built on a foundation of pulsing double-time electronic percussion provided by Thomas Brinkmann. Beginning as almost subliminal propulsion behind cavernous orchestral textures and John Tilbury’s delicate piano interjections, the percussive elements (elaborated on by Ambarchi and Matt Chamberlain) slowly inch into the foreground of the piece before suddenly breaking out into a polyrhythmic shuffle around the halfway mark, being joined by master Japanese tabla player U-zhaan for the piece’s final, beautiful passages.

The pulse acts as thread leading the listener though a heterogeneous variety of acoustic spaces, from the concert hall in which the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra were recorded to the intimacy of Crys Cole’s contact-mic textures. Ambarchi’s guitar itself ranges over this wide variety of acoustic spaces, from airless, clipped tones to swirling, reverberated fog. Within the complex web Ambarchi spins over the piece’s steadily pulsing foundation, elements approach and recede, appear and reappear, in a non-linear fashion, even as the piece plots an overall course from the grey, almost Nono-esque reverberated space of its opening section to the crisp foreground presence of Jim O’Rourke’s synth and Evyind Kang’s strings in its final moments. Formally indebted to the side-long workouts of classic Cologne techno, the long-form works of composers such as Eliane Radigue, and the organic push and pull of improvised performance, Quixotism is constantly in motion, yet its transitions happen slowly and steadily, so that they are often nearly imperceptible, the diverse elements which make up the piece succeeding one another with the logic of a dream.

Anyone who follows Ambarchi’s work knows that it has many facets: explorations of the outer limits of rock with Keiji Haino, psychoacoustic interference and sizzling harmonics in his solo performances, delicate improvisations with Keith Rowe or John Tilbury. To all these projects, Ambarchi brings his particular sensibility, patiently allowing sounds to develop on their own terms without forsaking their intrinsic physical and emotional power. Similarly, although Quixotism is shaped by its many contributors, the resulting sound world is unmistakably Ambarchi’s own. His most substantial solo release since Audience of One (Touch, 2012), Quixotism represents the summation of Ambarchi’s work over the last few years while also pointing to the future.



12" (Black Truffle 2014)

Two raw, ecstatic, face-melting guitar solos recorded in one take in the Ambarchi "Stacte tradition." This time around, Ambarchi is backed up by a badass rhythm section from Texas, and together they ride the endless riff into the goddamn sunset.



"TIKKUN" CD/DVD (Cuneiform, USA 2014)

Richard Pinhas, the founder of 70s progressive legends Heldon, is one of the most uncompromising artists on the international rock scene, having remained constantly innovative and true to his personal artistic vision for 40 years and some 35 full length releases.

Oren Ambarchi is a guitarist, drummer and sound-artist who has performed and/or recorded with a huge array of artists, including Fennesz, John Zorn, Jim O'Rourke, Otomo Yoshihide, Evan Parker, Merzbow and others. Since 2004, he has worked with the avant-metal band Sunn O))), contributing to many of their releases and side- projects.

Pinhas and Ambarchi first recorded together when Ambarchi contributed to recordings that were eventually tied together with other contributors into Pinhas' 2013's release Desolation Row. Since that time they have been working on ideas, recordings and concert / live collaborations.

The personnel for Tikkun is: Oren Ambarchi-guitar Richard Pinhas-guitar, synth guitar, effects Joe Talia-drums, effects Masami Akita (Merzbow)-loops, noise, effects Duncan Pinhas-sequences, effects, noise Eric Borelva-additional drums Interestingly, Richard specifically thinks of this album as a duo project that was conceived as a duo project for himself and Oren, despite the very effective contributions of the other four musicians. The music on Tikkun, which consists of three very lengthy tracks, comes across as a very tasty cross between the heavy, synth-driven, sequencer beats of classic Heldon and the much more noisier aspects of Pinhas' work over the last decade. In addition to the studio album, physical CD+DVD version also includes a DVD of a live performance of the duo. It was filmed at Paris' main venue for experimental music, Les Instants Chavires, October 29, 2013.




"Shade Themes from Kairos is a new iteration of the dream for all the guitar freaks out there, bringing together a couple of singular players together, just to see what happens. In this case, the players were old friends and collaborators Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O'Malley, playing in a space engineered and co-populated by Randall Dunn. From the top, Shade Themes from Kairos is resonant as a collective inquest in sound, with all the players deeply immersed within the panorama they are creating. 'That Space Between' blows in from a distance, rolling rhythmically, with synthetic percussion chattering, before it settles into a stately pace, as the guitars wind ethereal around the procession. Under the beat lies always space, and as the cadential clusters drift off, metal chimes and keys sputter and dig deep and clean through the abyss." Housed in a gatefold sleeve.


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Oren Ambarchi is exclusively published by Touch Music [MCPS]. His work is also released on Touch, one of the most influential independent labels based in the UK [founded 1981/2].

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Oren Ambarchi is a composer and multi-instrumentalist with longstanding interests in transcending conventional instrumental approaches. His work focuses mainly on the exploration of the guitar, "re-routing the instrument into a zone of alien abstraction where it’s no longer easily identifiable as itself. Instead, it’s a laboratory for extended sonic investigation". (The Wire, UK).

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"Simon" and "Strategem", from his 1st solo album, Insulation [Touch # T33.16, 1999] are free for download. The album is now deleted and more tracks will be added here in future.

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